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Ina has been a natural hair artist for over 20 years!

from the ripe age of 9 she was destined for entrepreneurship. Since taking clients on her front porch, she began her passion for braiding hair in her Saint Paul, MN neighborhood. People would wait in line for their turn at a low cost quality braid style, and as time went on, her craft evolved into a deep passion for healthy hair, and helping both women and men realize ,that nurturing their crowns was important.


Taking the standards of healthy, beautiful, protected hair to a whole new length! 

From braids and weaves, Silk presses, to Curly hair pampering.

 Ina not only has you covered when it comes to your mane, but is trusted by hundreds of women to go the distance with your natural hair needs!

not only is your time valued, your commitment and concerns for your crown are nurtured.

book today with the stylist who puts your natural hair fears to rest! 

"Water is vital for all known forms of life"

"Honey is known for its miraculous healing properties"

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