Braid Service FYI 

Please arrive with hair freshly washed and blow dried straight as possible  - do not add any product or oils to the hair, other than a light leave in conditioner. I will moisturize and oil hair during your appointment.

( Shampoo and blow dry is not included, please contact stylist prior to apt to add this to your service)

The pre braid prep services can be booked prior to apt if you desire to have your hair washed, conditioned, and blow dried.

If hair is not prepped prior to appointment, the stylist may have to reschedule you for a different date.

Due to such a tight schedule, it is not guaranteed that you will be able to add additional services once you arrive for your appointment ( thank you for understanding)

Hair is not provided, please purchase pre stretched braiding hair for feed in braid styles, this can be found at all beauty supply stores.

For all other extension styles, please come with desired hair.

Estimation for needed hair packs for the following styles is normally as follows:

(Please note this can vary depending on head size and style)

Crochet faux locs, crochet box braids, crochet twist:  5-7 packs depending on desired fullness

Large box braids: 8 -10 packs of pre stretched braiding hair 

Medium sized box braids: 7-8 packs of pre Stretch braiding hair 

Small box braids: 5-8 packs of pre stretched braiding hair 

2 feed in braids: 3 packs of pre stretched braiding hair 

6-7 feed in braids: 4- 5 packs of pre stretched braiding hair 

If you are unsure about the amount of hair to bring for any other style feel free to contact me

No edges harmed :)

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