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Natural Hair 101

With Over 12 years experience, I am finally ready to help you master all things natural hair! 
Learn from someone who has invested in numerous classes, equipment, product and so much more!
With so little information surrounding the kinky, curly and natural hair communities, it's easy to make mistakes that will cost you clients, time and credibility. Being able to learn from someone in your same region is an advantage! I get the dynamic of the type of clientele your dealing with and Ive put in the effort to learning what they like. Learn how I took the market on natural hair in my city and became booked out with a wait list of 150+ clients

In this class we will cover the following and more!

  • Product, equipment and tools

  • The art of the Shampoo

  • Hair steaming/treatments

  • Proper trimming techniques 

  • Hair growth and how to realistically grow your clients hair

  • Texture appreciation and how to work with ANYONES hair type

  • The importance of a consultation

  • The science and myths behind natural hair

  • Silk press 101 with Models

  • Curly girl 101 with models


Booked and Balanced Class

This class will be filled with an overflow of knowledge for the hair/salon industry  where customer service, professionalism, and reputation are everything!

learn how to get and keep clients that never want to leave you! create a name for yourself that will hold extreme weight in your field!

In this class we will cover the following and more!

  • Tried & True booking site  & website options

  • Social media videos/reels/pictures and how to master your content

  • Email etiquette 

  • Quality content

  • Getting and keeping your ideal clients

  • Pricing! pricing! Pricing!

  • Time management

  • salon atmosphere/dynamic

  • Financial do's and don'ts as a stylist

  • Stylist appearance and professionalism 

  • life/ work balance


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