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Microlink itip hair extensions are achieved by taking a tiny bead and sandwiching small pieces of your hair and the extension hair together essentially "linking" them both together.

Is it safe?

Any form of extensions ( If not done properly) can be harmful to the hair however, microlink itip extensions are meant to be pain free, tension free, and damage free when proper installation and after care are taken. Your stylist will start with a consultation and then discuss maintenance options before installing

Although Microlink / itip extensions are new to the natural hair community and can go by many different names, they have been around for years. Thankfully, an array of hair textures have made them more accessible and desirable for kinky curly clients.

How long do Microlink extensions last?

Every client is different- however, on average and with proper maintenance, itips can be Worn anywhere from 3-4 months. this all depends on the rate at which your hair grows and proper care

* some clients are able to keep installs up to 6 months*

Microlink wefts/Itips

Full Head Itips


Half head Itips


50-75 pieces

Double Weft 
braidless Sew in



30 % 

100-150 pieces

Use of your choice
of bundle hair

30% of total price goes towards service and is required in order to secure your apt.

6 week maintenance $195

6 week maintenance $150

6 week Maintenance $195


You do not have to be an existing client to book this service


being an extension client does not include or guarantee any other appointments outside of agreed upon maintenance.

After your initial consult ( done either by FACETIME, ZOOM, MESSENGER or IN PERSON)

We will establish hair texture and length ( HAIR IS NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE ) As well as booking all maintenance appointments.

Click "book microlink consult" to send an appointment request 

This will prompt you to send an email.

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